Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Learning Log 6 - 1

Response to Chapter 9 of DFI

This chapter about the future of interaction design was particularly interesting. It discussed mostly about how computers are going to play a major role in the future of interaction design. When i first read about this i wondered if it would eliminate many job opportunities because computers would ultimately be replacing workers. When i though about it, i realized they would still have to be people hired to fix the operating systems.
I found is very interesting how much the ratio of persons to computers has changed over the years. When computers first emerged, there were many people using one computer. Soon the ratio became one to one, meaning each person had their own computer to use. Now most people have multiple computers that they use for themselves. Many people own a laptop and desktop computer. Also, most people now have internet access on their phones and most phones are mini computers. It is amazing how much technology has changed due to technology and computers. Even throughout my lifetime i have seen vast improvements amongst computer systems. I remember when computers had green screens and huge floppy disks. Now all you need is a small flash drive to save your work, and some computers are not much bigger than a sheet of paper. These improvements that are constantly happening play a huge role in the success of interaction design. Computer systems make it easy and more appealing for interactors.
The chapter also described the huge role that the internet plays in design interaction. Now, just about anything can be done or found on the internet. Something as small as ordering a pizza can be done on the internet, eliminating the hassle of calling to order, thus improving the pizza store's interaction design. This chapter helped a lot to make me think about improving the future of interaction design, as well as brainstorming ideas for the last project in this class.

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